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Girl Crush with Bobbi Brown

Pamela Allier


Just a few days ago, I went to NY to spend some time with the amazing Bobbi Brown team, as they invited some girls for the launch of the most recent lipstick line. Of course, they planned the whole thing amazingly well, and every day we got to spend some time with different iconic girls ( #bbgirlcrush). Ill let you do the math... but my fave #bbgirlcrush is tall and worked in the fashion biz for a while... 

 Well, let cut to the chase and let's revisit together this amazing experience!

// Buen día mis preciosos, hoy les hago un "recap" del viaje y las actividades que hace unas semanas tuve en Nueva York con Bobbi Brown. Ustedes saben que amo todo lo relacionado con belleza (colecciono lipsticks, por cierto), y trabajar con una marca como Bobbi Brown siempre es una delicia. 

Durante el viaje, conocimos la nueva línea de labiales de la marca, y por supuesto, la marca organizó actividades diarias donde conocimos en tres días diferentes a mujeres inspiradoras que son #bbgirlcrush ... bueno, no hay traducción exacta, pero lo que #bbgirlcrush quiere decir, es que son unas buenazas en lo que hacen, y por supuesto, llevan una larga carrera inspirando a mucha gente. 

No les cuento más... y acompáñenme a este recorrido en fotos =)

1st Day 


There's beauty in simplicity, and nature has it's own way of painting a smile in every girls' face when it comes to the flower world. Our first #bbgirlcrush were both Lisa Salzer and Tess Casey. They both make beautiful floral arrangements and of course we had a crash-course on how to make the perfect flower crown. Limitless imagination is key, and of course, Bobbi Brown trated us like Manhattan Royalty during the workshop. If you already know me, you would know I LOVE flowers...

image1 copia 2.JPG
image2 copia 2.JPG

El primer día, conocimos  Lisa Salzer y Tess Casey, quienes a través de su exquisito gusto se han convertido en celebridades en cuanto a la decoración con flores se refiere. Ya me conocen, me encantan las flores, así que fue mi hit que nos enseñaran los principios para hacer el arreglo perfecto, y por supuesto, salimos cada una con una preciosa corona en la cabeza!

2nd Day

image1 copia.JPG

You know me well, there's nothing I like more than having breakfast in bed... 


On the second day, we had a bunch of activities, and of course visiting equinox was one of them. I got to know Bec Donlan and Traci Copeland... to be honest, they almost get me killed, but after making a quick summer recap and If I'm honest to myself, I skipped most of my gym time during summer... so these girls made me pay the bills =)


We had the most amazing class with Bec Donlan and Traci Copeland


Cliché... I don't care. I just NY taxis in the background!

image2 copia 3.JPG

After our gym time, we had a "makeup class" with the Bobbi Brown makeup artist team and after that, we had some time to create streetstyle content in SOHO. Well, you know I both love dressing pretty and walking down the concrete runway =) //

El tercer día estuvo lleno de actividades y por cierto, casi muero en la clase que tuvimos en equinox... si me han seguido en mis redes, se habrán dado cuenta que no anduve muy disciplinada en el ejercicio durante verano, así que tengo que retomar ahora mi rutina con ejercicio, jaja. 

Bueno, después de pasar por Equinox, fuimos a que nos dieran un curso sobre makeup con el "makeup" artist de Bobbi Brown. Después de esto, salimos todas guapas a hacer fotos en Soho, y ya me conocen, me encantó la idea, jaja. 

image1 copia 3.JPG

Friends from Spain... we happy girls =). That day, we also had an amazing cocktail- making class with Yola Mezcal founders Yola Jimenez and Gina Correll. Imagination is key people... never forget to have fun in every single way possible... 

3rd Day

image2 copia.JPG

Fave lunch ever... meeting  Jenna Lyons and being served by chefs Kristen Kish and Missy Robbins. AMAZING food, brilliant company, and of course, I got tons of insporation from all the #bbgirlcrushes I met during the trip. If one thing I learnt from all these amazing girls is: do what you love and every single day try to be better than the day before!


 There´s no better place to party than with the NYC skyline as backdrop... and of course, I loved the Girl Crush Party with Bobbi Brown. Photobooth, amazing tones of pink as in their latest lipstick line, and of course, the best part of all: inspiration to be the future´s #bbgirlcrush.