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Face Forward with Clinique


Face Forward with Clinique

Pamela Allier

Happy tuesday loves!! Some of you have asked me a lot about my beauty routine. So I´m happy to announce that today we´re starting with a new section on the blog called "Beauty Parlor", and I hope it to be your ultimate destination beauty-wise.

Today, we´re celebrating our first collab with Clinique, and we´re bringing you my eazy-breezy 1,2,3 beauty routine that will get you #faceforward to face anything. If you follow me on snapchat (user pamallier btw), my life is crazy. I start early, I go to the gym or workout at home, I have meetings with clients at the shop, then I have blog-related business meetings. Of course I need to take picture for Instagram and the blog, so I have shootings. Then, I love to spend time with my family and friends, so of course I need to squeeze that on the agenda. Add to the equation that I live in a 20ish million people city with LOTS of traffic... and on top of that, I want to look pretty all day long (try, ok, haha). So my beauty routine is simple, but make it twice a day and I guarantee you results very soon.

First of all, and as my grandma once told me... If you guys want to have a nice skin when you´re 50 or 60 or 70, we need to start taking really good care of it today. Taking care of it tomorrow will be to late... So, having said that, I must confess my beauty routine starts with a 8 hour sleep at least.

  1. First. I always wash my face. I hope that by this time, you understand that you simply can´t use your average hand bar... well, of course you can, but for me that would be a deja-vu of my teenage face: pimples and braces, haha. "Liquid Facial Soap" is my choice.
  2. Second. I use a cleanser. Of course a lot needs to be cleaned after being 14-16 hours in this city. This cleanser is both a make-up remover and a deep-cleanse product, so it will take care of it all. "Clarifying Lotion 2" is my choice, but don´t hesitate to go to the Clinique stand in your favorite store and get them to tell you which would be the better option for your type of skin.
  3. Last and not least. After a good cleanse and good face wash, our skin need a lot of moisturizing. "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+" and a 8 hour sleep at least will do the trick.

Well, I know I must charge you for giving you all my secrets, haha (of course...jk), but as you noticed, there´s no rocket science. It´s the basic 1,2,3 that I´ve been repeating since I´m 15 or 16. Of course, there´s a lot more to do about it, but I guessed that as this is our first "beauty parlor" post, we should start with the simple daily routine.

I just have some homework for you to do today. This campaign of being #faceforward ready for everything and everyone is all about empowering us girls to be successful in chasing in accomplishing our dreams. So, I want to ask you something... If you could schedule a meeting with yourself in, let´s say, 15 years from now, what would you tell to yourself? For me, I would remind myself that tomorrows´success rests in today´s routine of daily hard-work and not giving up of my dreams. What about you? Now that we have the comments section open, it would be nice to hear what would you tell yourselves?

Well, this would be all for now, I´ll see you soon, but I´m letting you know that we´re having some nice surprises and gifts in a few weeks from now. Stay tuned and I wish you a happy week.

Love, Pam.



Bonito martes mis amores!!! Algunas de ustedes me han preguntado sobre mi "beauty routine", así que decidí abrir este espacio en el blog donde platicaremos un poco sobre esto que sin duda ocupa una parte importante de nuestra vida diaria. 

De la mano de Clinique,  y la nueva campaña de #ListaParaLoQueVenga les contaré en tres sencillos pasos lo que hago cada noche antes de dormirme... por cierto, ¿si saben que dormir mínimo ocho horas diarias es básico para todo, incluyendo tener una piel más suave y humectada? Así que todo buen día, empieza en la noche anterior, con una buena rutina de belleza que nos prepare para estar listas y radiantes.

  1. Primero, lavarse la cara. Uso un jabón especial para cara porque ya saben que si no, nos pueden salir muchos granitos. Uso uno que se llama "Liquid Facial Soap" y así pasamos al segundo paso. 
  2. Segundo, uso un limpiador para quitar tanto el maquillaje (aunque use muy poco) como todas las impurezas que se quedan en la piel. Vivir en una ciudad de 20 millones de habitantes con mucho tráfico seguro y contaminación... imagínense. Uso "Clarifying Lotion 2", que es para piel seca mixta, pero hay para varios tipos de pieles. 
  3. Por ultimo ponerme la crema "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion" para dejar hidratada la piel durante la noche. Y si quieren tener mejores resultados, repitan los tres pasos en la mañana también. 

Como ven, son pasos bastantes sencillos pero como decía mi abuela... si quieres tener buena piel cuando seas abuela, tienes que cuidarla cuando seas joven... si no, será demasiado tarde. 

Bueno, por hoy me despido, y les prometo que con esta "beauty routine" estarán, como yo, #listaparaloquevenga, y les comparto un poco de esta campaña que nos hace reflexionar lo siguiente si pudiera tener una cita en el futuro, me diría a mi misma: "nunca dejes de perseguir tus sueños, y trabajarlos para que se vuelvan realidad". De la mano de grandes mujeres que han alcanzado y luchado por sus sueños.

Los invito a que me compartan sus comentarios, y me digan: Si ustedes tuvieran una cita con ustedes mismos en algunos años, ¿Que se dirían? Y compartanme que las motiva en la sección de abajo ya que pronto les tendre una sorpresita junto con Clinique a las que me compartan que es lo que las motiva diariamente.

Espero sus comentarios y nos vemos muy pronto por aqui.

Les mando un beso, Pam.