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With Love


With Love

Pamela Allier



A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to meet Paris Hilton here in Mexico City. This amazing girl came to launch her latest perfume called “With Love”. In a private cocktail, I had the opportunity to talk with her and after a while, I understood that her success as a businesswoman is a result of her hard work, and more importantly, of her journey to achieving her dreams.


I asked her why she decided to launch her perfume brand. We all know she´s daughter of an Hotel Tycoon, so what was the reason for her to step outside her comfort zone? “It was the easiest decision” she said. Since she was a little girl, she always had the dream of having a perfume with her name on the front. Learning from her family, she new the secret recipe: work, work, work…


Her latest perfume, in my honest opinion, is a reflection of Paris herself. Charming, sexy, sophisticated and a dream achiever. Notes of Jasmin, Orchids and wild irs, With Love is an ode to the the succesful woman who steps out of her comfort zone to achieve her dreams.


Holiday season is now here, and this perfume would be your perfect gift for anyone you love. With Love is now sold on several retails stores and I´m sure you´ll make the finest impression if you give someone this perfume as a gift. As Paris would say, work hard for your dreams, and find the joy in it, as it might be the recipe for success.


Coat: Zara / Dress: Bcbg / Hat: Worth&Worth / Boots: Louboutin/ Bag: Chanel


With love,

Pamela Allier






Este post será un poco diferente ya que quiero compartir con ustedes la experiencia que tuve al ser invitada a un cocktail privado con Paris Hilton. Resulta que para esta increíble mujer, no le fue suficiente en la vida ser heredera de un imperio gigante de hoteles, sino que según me contó, siempre quiso tener un perfume con su nombre. Hoy, ha cumplido su sueño con creces, y estoy segura que este perfume será todo un éxito como en los anteriores.


With Love, su más reciente perfume es un reflejo de ella misma: incansable, soñadora y trabajadora, pero al mismo tiempo elegante y sofisticada. Está diseñada para resaltar la sensualidad femenina con detalles de encaje y motivos dorados.

Tiene una mezcla de jazmín silvestre, orquídeas y lirio fresco que nos hacen soñar y recordar que los sueños están para perseguirse, trabajarse y lograrse.  


Ahora que se acerca esta temporada de regalos, este perfume puede ser perfecto para ustedes o alguna de sus amigas o familiares. Estoy segura que regalando este perfume dejarán una muy buena impresión.


Abrigo: Zara / Vestido: Bcbg / Sombrero: Worth&Worth / Botines: Louboutin/ Bolsa: Chanel


Les mando besos,

Pamela Allier